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32nd KOBLENZ GUITAR FESTIVAL & ACADEMY Sunday 12th May - Monday 20th May 2024

Archives 2018

Koblenz International Guitar Competition 2018

The results for the Koblenz International Guitar Competition Hubert Käppel 2018:
  • 1st Prize: Not awarded
  • 2nd Prize: Koki Fujimoto
  • 3rd Prize: François-Xavier Dangremont
Special Prizes
Prêmio Heitor Villa-Lobos: Not awarded
Premio Joaquín Rodrigo: Steven Cowan
DotGuitar Prize: Wu You
Preis der Koblenz International Guitar Academy: Kristina Vårlid
Preis der Koblenz International Guitar Society: Michael Butten
Congratulations to all prize winners.
All active and passive Koblenz Guitar Festival participants were entitled to compete, without age limit.

Schedule of the Competition

1st round: 10 min free choice programme

  • Sunday 13 May 2018, 2pm
  • Monday 14 May 2018, 9.30am
  • Tuesday 15 May 2018, 9.30am

2nd round: 20 min free choice programme

  • Thursday 17 May 2018, 9.30am
  • Friday 18 May 2018, 9.30am

Final round: 30 min free choice programme

  • Monday 21 May 2018, 2.30pm


Pieces played in one round cannot be repeated in any other round. The programme must be sent before 5 May 2018, 12.00pm CET to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


1st Prize:
3.000 Euro, CD production with Tonstudio Ole Muth and AureaVox sponsored by SAVAREZ and Guitarissimo, CD-Release Concert at the 27th Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy 2019, two concerts in Brazil (São Paulo, Tatuí) including flight and hotel accommodation and a fee of 500 Euro per concert in collaboration with GuitarCoop São Paulo and Cultura Artística, video production with Guitar TV World, five concerts in Germany with a fee of 500 Euro per concert, 30 sets of SAVAREZ strings, a three-year supply of D'ADDARIO strings (52 sets per year).

2nd Prize:
2.000 Euro, 25 sets of SAVAREZ strings, a three-year supply of D'ADDARIO strings (26 sets per year).

3rd Prize:
1.000 Euro, 25 sets of SAVAREZ strings, a three-year supply of D'ADDARIO strings (26 sets per year).

-Special Prizes-
Important: the special prizes will be given only for works played in the 2nd round and should have a duration of at least four minutes.
Prêmio Heitor Villa-Lobos:
1.000 Euro provided by the GuitarCoop São Paulo for the best interpretation of music by Heitor Villa-Lobos.
Premio Joaquín Rodrigo:
750 Euro, scores and CDs provided by the Fundacion Victoria y Joaquín Rodrigo for the best interpretation of music by Joaquín Rodrigo.
DotGuitar Prize:
500 Euro for the best interpretation of music by an Italian composer.
500 Euro for the best interpretation of music by David Kellner.
500 Euro for the best interpretation of music by J.S. Bach.


1 Prof. Alfred Eickholt (GER)
2 Prof. Dr. Stephen Goss (GBR)
3 Prof. Hans-Werner Huppertz (GER)
4 Prof. Johannes Monno (GER)
5 Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering (GER)
6 Prof. Judicaël Perroy (FRA)
7 Sabrina Vlaskalic (SRB)
8 Prof. Tadashi Sasaki (JPN)
9 Günter Schillings (GER)
10 Prof. Olaf van Gonnissen (GER)
11 Prof. Tomasz Zawierucha (POL)
12 Prof. Dale Kavanagh (CAN)
13 Prof. Lucio Matarazzo (IT)
14 Prof. Dr. Stefan Hackl (AUT)
15 Prof. Hubert Käppel (GER) - final only


Koblenz International Guitar Competition Hubert Käppel 2018

§ 1. The Competition is part of the Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy.
§ 2. The Competition is held in three rounds the details of which are completely explained on the Festival Website.
§ 3. If the time limit is exceeded, the Head of the Jury may cut off the performance at that point.
§ 4. Pieces played in one round may not be repeated in a later round.
§ 5. There will be a maximum of 20 candidates chosen for the Round 2, and a maximum of 6 candidates chosen for the Final Round.
§ 6. The score will be made in a point system ranging from 0 to 25.
§ 7. The highest and the lowest points of each candidate will be discounted when the points are added together to calculate their score.
§ 8. Where candidates receive an equal score, the score from the previous rounds will serve to distinguish them.
§ 9. The score cannot be approximated or rounded off.
§ 10. The scores will be calculated to only two decimal places.
§ 11. Each jury member must keep their score sheet in the score sheet folder and at the end of each round, must hand over their signed copy to the Head of the Jury.
§ 12. No jury member should give points to their own students.
§ 13. The jury within a particular round cannot be changed.
§ 14. The First Prize may only be awarded for a polished performance of a high artistic standard.
§ 15. The First Prize cannot be shared.
§ 16. Where no First Prize is awarded, the Second Prize can be shared.
§ 17. Where there is no Second Prize awarded, the Third Prize could be shared.
§ 18. Where neither a First nor Second Prize is awarded, the jury may choose to award two Third Prizes.
§ 19. The special prizes will be awarded only for works played in the 2nd round of the competition.
§ 20. All jury members are required to maintain confidentiality; they must be objective and neutral in their judgement. If any jury member should act contrary to this requirement, the Festival Director reserves the right to remove them from the jury.
§ 21. Jury discussions must be mutually respectful, following the guidance of the Head of the Jury.
§ 22. The Director of the Festival is a member of the Final jury and has the right to vote.
§ 23. The artist, who has the competition named in their honour, is a member of the Final jury. The Festival Director may also appoint him as a jury member for the First and Second Rounds.
§ 24. All decisions of the jury must follow the view of the majority.
§ 25. If the number of competitors exceeds 70, then two juries might be established in the First Round. After the 1st round is completed, the Jury President can decide to call an additional intermediate round. A maximum of 10 competitors will be given the opportunity to perform again their programme from the first round for the complete jury. The number of points received in the intermediate round, will be used to judge if competitors proceed to the 2nd round.
§ 26. Only the German version of these rules are binding.
§ 27. The winners agree to perform in the winners' concert.

signed: Georg Schmitz (Direktor Koblenz Guitar Festival & Academy)


1. Prize:
Campbell Diamond (Australia)

2. Prize:
Elena Fomenko (Russia)
3. Prize:
Jesse Flowers (Australia)
Prix Savarez for the best interpretation of a work by J.S. Bach: Campbell Diamond (Australia)
DotGuitar Prize for the best interpretation of a work by an Italian composer: Elena Fomenko (Russia)
Koblenz International Guitar Society prize for the best interpretation of a work by Leo Brouwer: Campbell Diamond (Australia)
Premio Rodrigo: Not given
Koblenz International Guitar Academy Prize: Not given
Finalist's Diploma: Giulia Ballare (Italy)
Finalist's Diploma: Raphael Feuillâtre (France)
Finalist's Diploma: Nikica Polegubic (Croatia)

Congratulations to the winners and all 6 finalists, and thank you to our 15 Jury members for all their hard work.