30th Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy 29th May - 6th June 2022

Masterclasses, Workshops, Lectures

Masterclasses Guitar:

1 Andrea de Vitis
2 Goran Krivokapic
3 Judicaël Perroy
4 Manuel Barrueco
5 Lukasz Kuropaczewski
6 Göran Söllscher
7 Marcin Dylla
8 Aniello Desiderio
9 Zoran Dukic
10 Hans-Werner Huppertz
11 Matteo Mela
12 Lorenzo Micheli
13 Alvaro Pierri
14 Marco Socias
15 Thomas Müller-Pering
16 David Russell
17 Nora Buschmann
18 Hubert Käppel
19 Gabriel Bianco
20 Fabio Scarduelli
21 Alfred Eickholt
22 Tristan Angenendt
23 Liying Zhu
24 Tomasz Zawierucha
25 Johannes Monno
26 Olaf Van Gonnissen
27 Alexander S. Ramirez
28 Stephen Goss
29 Marcelo Kayath
30 Margarita Escarpa
31 Fabio Zanon
32 Tadashi Sasaki
33 Lucio Matarazzo
34 Dale Kavanagh

Three masterclasses per participant. Please select three masterclasses and indicate your choices on the registration form. We will try to fulfil at least two of your choices, but we also ask participants to indicate their preferred alternatives on the registration form, should this not be possible (e.g. 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9).

Please note that those who choose masterclasses 4 or 16 must first qualify during the first round of the competition or through a special audition. Those chosen will receive this as an extra masterclass at no extra cost.

Masterclasses Chamber Music:

35 Voice & Guitar with Claudia Eder and Hans-Werner Huppertz.
This course is aimed at existing duos as well as individual soloists and involves individual lessons as well as Team-Teaching given by Prof. Claudia Eder and Prof. Hans-Werner Huppertz. Those interested should contact the festival management for more information about the course and course fee.
36 Flute & Guitar with Wally Hase and Thomas Müller-Pering.
This course is aimed at existing duos as well as individual soloists and involves individual lessons as well as Team-Teaching given by Prof. Wally Hase and Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering. Those interested should contact the festival management for more information about the course and course fee.
37 Barock Vokal-Kolleg für alte Musik an der Hochschule für Musik Mainz, open rehearsal with Prof. Claudia Eder and Prof. Hans-Werner Huppertz (Artist in Residence). Passive participation only.


38 Junior Guitar Academy
Jörg Gauchel
Russell Poyner
Birgitta Diehl-Kohli
Matthew Peters

Children and young people also have the opportunity to take part in the Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy. Along with other like-minded young guitarists they can experience the unique atmosphere of the festival, at the same time as developing their skills and abilities.
The Junior Academy takes place from Friday 7 June until Pentecost Monday 10 June 2018. The centre point of the academy are the rehearsals and making music together in a large ensemble. Under the guidance of experienced guitar teachers from Germany, Great Britain, America and Switzerland, the young guitarists will prepare Baroque and Modern ensemble works. These will be performed at the Pentecost Mass, on Sunday 20 May, and the Prize-winners Concert, on Monday 21 May, to a large international audience.
Furthermore, Junior Academy participants will attend concerts by the many world-class performers at the festival. They also have the opportunity to receive one-to-one tuition or lessons in small groups.
The starting age for the Junior Academy is around 8 years old. When needed the youngest guitarists will receive arrangements of the music related to their current playing ability. After consultation with the participant, (and also gladly with their teacher) the music will be sent in good time by post. At the end of the festival, all participants will receive a certificate of participation.
The course fee for the Junior Academy is 200 Euros and includes a concert-pass for the participant and an accompanying person for all concerts and events at the festival.
Since its beginning 15 years ago, the Junior Academy has also been used by guitar teachers as an advanced training course. Interested teachers can register as a passive participant (150 Euros), which also includes entrance to all concerts and events, and a certificate.

Jörg Gauchel

Mobil: +491709341099
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

39 How To Practise
Prof. Hubert Käppel
By appointment

40 Theory entrance examinations for German Music Colleges
Georg Schmitz
By appointment

41 Composing, arranging and transcribing for guitar
Prof Dr Stephen Goss
Stephen Goss will be offering advice and guidance to guitarists who would like to develop their skills as composers and arrangers. The sessions will cover all aspects of composition and particular issues in transcribing and arranging, including style, register, transposition, voicing and texture. Those interested should contact the festival management for more information about the course and the course fee.

42 Integrating aural training in early childhood instrumental lessons
Prof. Dr. Cristiane H. Vital Otutumi


Monday 3 June 7 pm
Prof. Hans-Werner Huppertz:
Concert Introduction Solo Recital Goran Krivokapic
Tuesday 4 June 7 pm
Prof. Alexander S. Ramirez:
Concert Introduction Solo Recital Manuel Barrueco

Wednesday 5 June 7 pm
Prof. Olaf Van Gonnissen:
Concert Introduction Solo Recital Göran Söllscher

Thursday 6 June 7 pm
Prof. Hubert Käppel:
Concert Introduction Duo Aniello Desiderio & Zoran Dukic

Fiday 7 June 3 pm
Prof. Dr. Fabio Scarduelli:
Radamés Gnattali’s Concerto de Copacabana

Saturday 8 June 3 pm
Cecilia Rodrigo-Kamhi:
My Father Joaquín Rodrigo

Sunday 10 June 2.30 pm
Prof. Dr. Stephen Goss, Prof. Hans-Werner Huppertz, Georg Schmitz:
Wolf Biermann and the 'Deutsches Lied'
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