28th Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy - 10th - 18th October 2020

Koblenz Guitar Competition 2020, 2nd Round / 2. Runde

Jack Hancher

Ederaldo Sueiro

Michael Lochery

Francois-Xavier Dangremont

Pavel Ralev

Márton Nagy

Andrés Madariaga

Simone Salvatori

Jaemin Lim

Sergey Perelekhov

Marko Topchii

Bianka Szalaty

Nino D'Amico

Artur Miranda Azzi

Eleonora Perretta

Sara Celardo

Adam Cicchillitti

Dimitris Soukaras

Cristobal Selame Zarzar

Julia Żarnowska

Jan Philipp Szlendak

Samuel Delgado González

Eugen Drabynka

Julio Robles López

Pavle Filipović

Emanuele Barillaro

Jan Christopher Heßling

Airam de Vera Ramos

Junyoung Jung

Ema Kapor

Chinnawat Themkumkwun

Joaquim Santos Simões

Steve Cowan

Bartosz Paprot

Io Yamada

Filip Miskovic

Vera Danilina

XuKun (Alan) Liu

Jeseok Bang

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